Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trying the new thread

New thread, new shuttle...old pattern. I thought I would have another go at Flowery Meadow from Blomqvist and Perrson only this time I have managed the second row without a mistake.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Extreme Tatting

Once I had received my goodies I was keen to finish this square from the Iris Niebach book and start trying out the new threads and shuttles.
So I tatted this despite loads of interruptions and distractions; from the dogs, who are both on heat, and Raphaël who is on holiday and therefore rather more demanding than usual, the cats, one of whom has tummy trouble, plus various visitors and phone calls. I am amazed, it's not top quality but I don't think I've actually made a mistake, and goodness knows it's quite a complex pattern.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Amazing surprise

When Diane began her bobbin lace I offered to send her some pattern plastic, and she offered to send me some different threads, which was really kind. I didn't expect this incredibly generous parcel of goodies! but I am really pleased to receive them. There are three skeins of Yarnplayer's beautiful HDT, which is a nouveauté for me, and I am looking forward to trying them. There are two, yes two, new lacis shuttles and a whole ball of Lizbeth thread, plus whole balls of Coats and Clark's in my favourite size 80, plus a ball of DMC special dentelles in an Easter shade of yellow. The tatting book is by Myra Piper, and is full of pretty snowflake patterns. I count myself very lucky to have such a kind and generous friend! Big thank you, Diane.