Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pink square

This square is the same as Mrs. John did, but on one corner I put in one too many picots. I am showing it, because I enjoy looking and comparing different versions of the same pattern. This is Valdani 50 thread, precious pansies.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Some work and another book review

I have been very tied up in boring work and not boring but rather stressful studying. My tatting has suffered somewhat, with loads of mistakes.

This is an example; David was in England for Christmas and brought home a load of handkerchieves that his mother had given him. My guess is she'd had them in a cupboard since the '70's as they were in really tacky colours, but one just matched a ball of variegated DMC special dentelles. I decided to make an edging for it, though what anyone would want with such a thing as a funky purple lace edged man's hanky... Anyway I haven't got very far, I keep making mistakes! (So the problem of what to do with it is in the distance for the moment!)

Another pattern I am working on is this one from Mary Konior's book. It requires aboout 16 motifs to be joined together, and the first motif was completely disasterous, but I have at last achieved two...I'll let you know if I manage to get any further.

I wanted to talk about another book, A Tatter's Workbook. The patterns are not my favourites, but I love her use of colour in her designs. It's a book I enjoy looking at more than working from, but it is always interesting to try the patterns, because it can be quite a puzzle between the words and the picture to work it all out! Here's a sample page, at random. You can see more if you click the link.