Monday, January 30, 2012

Black, white, colour

 This is a tatted edging for a scarf for my daughter. It should have been ready for wasn't! I mostly tatted this on Thursdays at work, when we sit and listen to the patients telling their story, "Jeudi=je dis" hmm, anyway it happens just after lunch, and I suffer from the terrible desire to fall asleep, so I take my shuttle in my pocket, and discretely get on with this. It has to be simple as I can't look down too often, so dear old Curds and Whey from Mary Konior has been just right.
This blackwork kit is totally not my style, I found it in a charity shop when I was in the UK in November, and felt sorry for it. Someone had begun it with two repeats, and then given up, and repackaged it without the original thread, and leaving the needle rusting in the fabric. As you can tell, my blackwork is not reversible! It is quite soothing to stitch, especially on Aïda fabric.

Here we have some bayeux embroidery, a kit purchased last summer when I went to see the original Tapisserie. It is the figurehead of a Norman ship. I enjoyed this wool on linen embroidery...I might have a go at another one some time, especially as the International Lace Conference will be at Caen this year, and I am really keen to go.