Saturday, August 18, 2007

....on a roll

I have been visiting the beautiful lace-making town of
Le Puy in the Haute Loire. I bought a new tatting book there;
La Frivolité I always enjoy looking at new patterns, and I needed a book in french, for when friends want to learn.
I have a passion for blue squares, this is one motif from a mat which uses 16 surrounded by a border. The black "work-in-progress is also from the book. The strange shape is me with shuttle-ends, and no pattern trying an idea for a cornfield inspired bookmark...I think I could probably get a bit nearer to what I want a second time. The reason for the title, and also the reason I haven't posted sooner, is the printer-scanner broke, and David discovered a bit of forgotten tatting in the roller...oops, sorry. It has been replaced, but it takes me a while to learn how to use new equipment, also David wasn't too keen to let me back into the office. I promise from now on all bits will be counted in and out, like swabs in surgery!