Friday, December 19, 2008

Tatting and bobbin lace

I didn't say, but actually my wrist was fractured in the fall and I have to wear a splint thing until mid January. I have tried to tat but it's frustrating, and painful. The b2b doiley was my project in England, and I managed to make several mistakes, but am too lazy to change them.

On the other hand I have been looking at my lace books and finally I prepared a pricking and twenty (yes, twenty!) pairs of bobbins to do a piece of lace.

It's a little bit clumsy, but I have done the cloth stitch squares and a little bit of roseground. I haven't managed the the two footsides very well, but plan to sort that even yet....

I have never had this many bobbins, it's quite a jumble. I should be doing half stitch for the next section, but I am tempted to do cloth stitch, because then the bobbins stay in pairs, and I use the fact that they have matching spangles to help me.