Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New threads, and a new book

This is what I was tatting when the new threads arrived from Yarnplayer. It is the little motif from Blomqvist and Persson, done in King Tut and the very fine red silk.

Here are the threads, but why oh why is it so difficult to capture the colours successfully? This isn't even close.

This is the first thing I made, using the free gift of Tourmaline, another favourite pattern from the same book as above.
Then, while looking around Leclerc in Cahors I discovered that Pascal Provost had published a new tatting book. One of the patterns in it was actually called Tourmaline! Of course I had to buy it.

This is just a quick try of one of the patterns, using up what was left on the shuttles...but not quite having enough! I didn't choose the Tourmaline pattern though.

You remember this motif, which I made here in white silk?

Well, I think it is a good one for showing off HDT, as it allows the gradations to move into each other, and also uses quite a lot of thread, so that you get to see the repeats.

Sadly, I miscalculated this one, which is made in the beautiful colour, "Peace" but is missing the final petal. (The pattern is by Mary Konior from "Tatting in Lace" and is called Angelica.)
Why do I feel the need to apologise when I don't finish of the ends? Still it does spoil the image.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Another bookmark

This was not the pattern I wanted to do, this is Kelly Lubiack's bookmark but I wanted to do the design by Leonore English. Unfortunately I couldn't get the link to work no matter how I tried, has it gone for good, I wonder? :(
By the way, I had to install comment moderation due to a load of Chinese spam, and hadn't put in e-mail warning....so I didn't realise there had been any comments, sorry to anyone who wondered if they had been "rejected".
I have not been terribly productive, I am working on a larger collar, but it is very slow, however I have ordered some thread from Yarnplayer, which I am hoping will inspire me.
(These threads are from Tatskool; Rainbow Bright and Indigo, which are favourites of mine, and cheer me up as I wait for this late, late Spring.)