Monday, July 23, 2007

At the moment everything I touch seems to go wrong!

These are examples of tatting that has gone wrong, and it is so demoralising. I have a lovely new DavidReedSmith shuttle, some beautiful new threads from my friend Frances, but I just keep producing flawed work.
By the way I'd love to join Sherry's tatting ring, but that won't work either!
Surely this phase will pass, and I will be able to enjoy myself again...I certainly hope so.

This pink motif was from Tatting Patterns and Design, and I have made exactly the same mistake as E-Koon but several rows earlier!
Oh, by the way none of the patterns are mine, (with the possible exception of the "poppy") but I can't remember where I got them today, or I would only get it wrong, if I did try to remember!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Looking for ideas

I have been talking to Laura about tatting
patterns, and I thought I would show some
wildflowers that seem to be quite lacy, that might
be converted... The orchid season is over for this
year, but there are still plenty of flowers about.
I apologise for the quality, I'm not that good with
the camera, but I hope you get the idea.