Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tatting along

This is my edging, which grows but slowly, and I did want to have at least two corners done by next Wednesday, as I am teaching tatting in my friends shop, and she sells this thread. I hoped that if my edging looked pretty people might want to buy the thread to try at home... The thread is DMC 80 colour 820, and the pattern is from Tatted Handkerchiefs by Nikolajsen, from Akacia publishing. So here's hoping for a miracle this weekend!

And, this is Jon's Tat-Along pattern, which I do when the edging is making me sleepy! It is so pretty, and I am doing it in Oliver Twists, which is really quite fine thread. My previous doily/motif in the turquoise thread is waiting for it's third row, however my very naughty puppy climbed up and grabbed my tatting bag off the printer while I was out and chewed the turquoise thread, I now have a pile of short lengths but will I be able to find some longer bits for the final round?
Naughty puppy
Chewed up thread.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My "Go to" pattern

 Sharon asked us what we would choose as our most frequent or favourite pattern that we always return to, and what it is that makes it our choice.

This pattern from the Blomqvist and Persson book Tatting Patterns is the one I would choose. It shows off variegated threads like a dream. This is a machine embroidery thread from Gütermann, very fine. It is a quick pattern, and yet I feel it has a light lacy look that is very satisfying. I often use it to try new threads, as I have lots of old samples to compare them to, like a tension sample in knitting.
 This is Yarnplayer's Tourmaline, size 80.

These were made using Valdani 50
The green is Gütermann Sulky, the navy is Caen lace thrad.
Tatskool's beautiful daffodils, in size 80.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Some tatting

I read a post somewhere about photographing tatting, in an attempt to get better quality in the colours and so on, so these two pieces have photographed rather than scanned. The first piece is from Suzanne Schwenke's book, and isn't a snowflake but appears in the Christmas section. There is an optional third row...I haven't made my mind up on that one for the moment. The thread is Oliver Twists, from the Mediterranean collection...size approx = slightly smaller than DMC 80 

This is a dragon from Anne Bruvold's much loved Minor Norwegian Dragon pattern. The thread is Lizbeth size 20 colour Springtime. I am afraid the photo hasn't come close to the real colour, so disappointing. I am now working on an edging, in DMC 80, but there isn't enough to show yet. I did finish the Beatrice doily, but gave it to a friend before I thought to take a picture...hey ho, one doily looks much like another!