Friday, April 06, 2012

Ulla's square

 This was a difficult pattern, indeed! My first attempt came to a rapid end when I realised I had gone backwards and could go no further.
This second attempt I did manage to go all the way round, but the centre is a right mess! I definately need to try again, with a clearer thought about how to do the middle. I am grateful to Fox and Tatting Fool, who had already gone before, because it reassured me to see that I wasn't the only tatter to get into difficulty with this pattern. The scanner is the one at work, and I have a few problems with that, too.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Motif in pink and blue

I am very disappointed with this scan, the threads are Tatskool's Raspberry sorbet and the blue is from the Mediterranean selection of threads from Oliver Twists. The colours really go well, but you can't see how bright they are on this scan. :(
I finished the second square but somehow while chasing around France I lost the first one, so I couldn't join them together. I am not sure about them now...maybe I need to find a square motif that works well in two colours, because I have lots of beautiful HDT which would work well together. I will look at my Iris Niebach book of square motifs.