Saturday, December 22, 2012


 The other day I received a little package in the post from the generous and inspiring Fox. She sent me some of the Sulky rayon thread that you can see in the photo, plus all those buttons, and four metal findings or "doodads". There was also an antique bone shuttle!  You can see it peeping out of my old shuttle case. :)

 I have watched fascinated as others have decorated their doodads, and long wanted to try my hand at making something. I found some pretty beads and some matching thread, however you can see it hasn't really worked. The colours aren't contrasting, so that the beads are invisible, also I should have added some beads to the thread beforehand...So next stage will require me to cut it off and try again with a different thread, or different beads. The little scrap in turquoise is me trying the rayon. It is pretty, but sad that once tatted it looses it's shine to a certain extent. I am still working on that motif...I will show it once I have finished it.
Meantime on the hanky edging I have run out of thread! A whole spool of DMC 80 in a single edging, luckily I can easily get more as I bought it from my friend's shop, and I know she will keep me some till I can get in.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Snowflake doily

Remember this bookmark? I knew I had used this colour combination before! Anyway, round three is finished, and I will try to start round four this evening.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Not as good as Fox's

So, I set off to have a go at the doily from Reneluk, using a similar set of colours as Fox.
I am afraid it has worked out a pale imitation!
I wonder if everyone has the same memory problem as I do...I try to memorise a pattern by the time I have done one or two that I can carry some WIPs around with me, and do a few stitches when I have a moment, but I never carry the patterns. Most of the time it's fine, but then I will find I have forgotten the stitch count...or remembered it wrong. Both my edging and this pattern have suffered from poor memory syndrome, so I am wondering now if this round will meet up as it should do after the next few repeats. Oh, well, watch this space.