Monday, November 24, 2008

No tatting for me, for a few days anyhow.

I have been over to the UK for a week to visit my mother. While I was there we went to Honiton, because I wanted to visit the Lace Museum...but it was shut for the winter.

I did find a book on Honiton Lace, plus I bought a 2nd hand copy of the Guild of Lace Magazine describing a visit to nearby Killerton House, and a really good booklet on Torchon Lace. The next day though I put my back out, and was struggling to do anything. The voyage home on Friday, with me having to drive the hire car to the airport, and then sit in the plane, and then drive my car home was all very painful. Then...this morning I was filling the car with fuel, (or trying to) and I fell over! So stupid! I lay there on the forecourt in the dark and rain and diesel puddles and wondered if I was ever going to be able to get up again, but then I pulled myself together, stood up, and surveyed the damage. My glasses were smashed, and my wrist hurt, and also my knees, and my back was no better for the incident but that was all. I was allowed home early from work, and slept all afternoon, and I feel much better, but until I get some new glasses, and my wrist improves I can't do much lace, or even read very well.

As you can see, it has done nothing for my looks either. Luckily David left for England on Saturday, or people might think we had had a disagreement!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thoughts on groups

I really like the online tatting community, it's so friendly, encouraging and sympathetic. People only seem to have kind or helpful comments, and if anyone has a problem then there are always good samaritans who willingly provide the appropriate aid. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy being a part of it. :)
I also belong to the "Ring of Tatters" and have just received the Autumn Newsletter. I can recommend the group to all my tatting friends, in the latest issue there are articles by Jane and Linda, plus several interesting patterns and ideas, as well as an article on rings of all kinds.
I was trying out some ideas with Sherry's beautiful silk threads...I wanted to make a pattern from Anne Orr with three shuttles, but it didn't work. The second row would not lie flat, so I cut it off, and decided to try a simple pattern in one colour from the same book. I also tried some of the simple shuttle motifs from the newsletter. They are designed to be done with two shuttles and linked together with split rings, and are both simple and effective.