Sunday, May 23, 2010

A new book, and a new thread.

After reading a post by Sharon I decided to buy her book "Marvellous Motifs" and it arrived on Saturday. I discovered that the patterns were quite challenging, but that is good. My first effort was a rose, which was also a way of emptying shuttles. I then tried the first motif...but misread the pattern.
I will be trying again once I have emptied the shuttles. Watch this space!

This edging is from Mary Konior's Visual Patterns, and is called Asters. The thread is one dyed for me by Frances. It doesn't have a name, but I would call it "Woodland Path". I think I might try making a gecko in this thread, once I have finished the edging.

I am planning to use it to edge a little sachet like Tatskool did in this post...well I have to make a sachet, yet, so don't hold your breath!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Good news, for me

I went to a sheep fair on Sunday...and there was a lacemaker there! I was really pleased, she teaches, and is prepared to give me lessons. Look at this lace, made with wool. It is a special wool that hasn't been carded, and so it isn't as elastic as normal wool.

This is similar to Honiton, or perhaps it is Honiton, we couldn't discuss it at the time, but I am so happy to think I will at last be able to improve my lacemaking!
And this is a little motif in the Peace HDT, but it still isn't the right colour. The motif is called "Rose des Vents" which seemed suitable.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Finished Libra doily

Last night I finally finished this doily. It is an interesting design, because it has eleven repeats. On the whole circular designs are based around even numbers, so not only an odd number, but a prime number seems an interesting choice.

As I said previously, the name seems astrological and that would be another reason to choose twelve repeats, still, here it is, as designed. The thread is beautiful and I wish I had a better scanner to show the colours. I had just enough to complete this design, which added to the fun. I always tat faster when I am running out of thread, does anyone else do that?