Thursday, March 28, 2013

Frustration and slow progress.

I have at last finished this edging, however it is just too small for a standard hanky. Here it is laid over a plain white handkerchief.
This shows just how much too small it is.
I also made a square of Frivole's working of Pomegranate with corner. The thread is from Tatskool, and is Coral Reef. This was just an exercise, I haven't thought what I could put in the centre, a doll's handkerchief perhaps!

This snowflake is made in Tatilicious' thread called "Grackle mess". The name fascinated me, and I thought Jess had made up the word Grackle, except that she mentioned plumage, so I googled it, and sure enough a grackle is a bird, somewhat similar to an European starling. In real life this thread captures that mixture of blues, greens and a touch of purple, but sadly neither she nor I can find a way to reproduce it on the computer. :( The pattern is from the site Be-stitched, and is called Jan 2007 snowflake.

I recently went to and bought this book. I am fascinated by the peacock, but probably need my life to be a little more settled before I try something so complicated. (We are trying to sell the property where we live, anyone fancy buying a gite complex in France?) I am forced to spend most of my time trying to declutter and clean, this in tandem with my studies for a university degree, a full time job and all the responsibilities that being wife and mother bring! Grumpy, me, no! However I am a bit frustrated that lace-making is being relegated for the moment. Well back to the pattern above, it is a classic, and this is the author's personal working of it. I was just doodling along with it to use up thread on the shuttles, but then I made a mistake, so I will probably cut it off there. I had pretty much run out of the green anyway.

This is another shuttle emptying exercise from the same book.
And to finish the beginning of a Schneeberg butterfly, that may be stuck on my carreau for a while, the way things are going here. Oh well, back to work....