Monday, January 07, 2013

Progress Report

 I can't remember when I started this beaded necklace, but it was over a year ago. I finally picked it up again and jolly well finished it! It had kicked about because I was nine beads short...but I used a slightly different colour for those last few, and I don't even think I am likely to wear it, so no-one will ever see, but it is done, and I can clear the box away.

I did a few more experiments with the doodad. The blue beads look better with the magenta silk, but no way am I going to tat all way round with that silk. It splits and it won't slide up and it not that. The blue buttonhole thread is a good thread for holding its shape, and in fact I have some silvery blue beads that don't show up so well but the are quite pretty with the blue. I think I will give those a try.
Christmas is a time when food comes in tins. I bought a box of sablés really just for the pretty tin, because I don't like chocolate. Luckily my children were noble enough to consume them. :)

The tin is great for storing thread, especially as I have such a naughty puppy who steals thread and chews it up. Then last week they had some more sablés in a different tin, but we haven't finished those ones yet. I have plenty more supplies to keep in there when it is empty.

The snowflake doily creeps on, still three more repeats, and the hanky edging still has eight more to do.


Michelle said...

I really like the necklace. Are the 9 beads in the back? It's not possible to see a difference in the photo. The doily is lovely and that hanky- wow!!

Fox said...

Wow! Lots of progress. That last doily looks just like mine! I love it!

The necklace is very pretty. Good for you for finally finishing it. Like me, you will never wear it and into the drawer it goes. Such a waste! I save mine in case I need a gift for someone who might like a tatted bit of jewellery.

The hanky edging is wonderful! Good work!

Ah, tins! Someone gave me some jasmine tea in a lovely large tin over the holidays. Unfortunately it is the wrong shape for anything I have need of a tin for! Those you show are splendid.
Fox : )

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your beaded necklace is stunning! I also have an affinity for tins, but I do try to control myself and only buy ones that will serve a purpose once the goodies are consumed. It looks like you'll have lots of beautiful finished pieces soon!

snowy david said...

If you enlarge the photo where it is folded over you can see the lighter beads on the last two repeats, but yes, it would be the back, and I don't think it shows so badly. I will add the fastenings and show it on a neck sometime.:)

snowy david said...

I spent a while enlarging the photos of yours and mine, and comparing them carefully, and I have to say I prefer yours. :(
The colours are brighter, and the slightly thicker thread gives a more finished look. Still, those who haven't seen yours, i.e. collegues at work, have given me compliments. I do think you made a good choice with those colours.
I love tins but tea caddies often have that annoying lip that makes them useless for most things apart from tea.
I do hope you are healing well.

snowy david said...

Thank you for the compliment :)
I have to keep pushing myself to finish things, it is so easy to get distracted by new patterns. More on that next time.