Sunday, January 27, 2013


 Last week I was 53, and I received a lovely card and some HDT from Fox. The thread was dyed by Tat-ilicious and was called "Young Hearts". It's a pretty mixture of greens, pale blue, brown and magenta, to which my scanner does not do justice.
My first tat was this Celtic picot motif from Jennifer Williams. I had seen Fox do it and wanted to try the new technique myself. It is more fiddly than exactly difficult.
Then I decided that Young Hearts should be made into Heart's Desire...however this is not a pattern to be made while watching television. This one is so full of errors I am ashamed to show it, except that sometimes it's fun for other tatters to enlarge and spot the mistakes. I am no longer sure how many there are, at the time it seemed to look awful, and now it looks ok. Bizarre!


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday! I love the look of those celtic picots, but haven't tried it yet. Beautiful thread - and a fitting color name!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday! I love Heart's Desire, and I agree that it is not easily accomplished while watching t.v. Yours looks beautiful, and I don't see any mistakes... nor will I be looking for them!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I love that thread, and the Heart's Desire motif looks wonderful. As soon as I saw it, I thought you did a perfect job, and even enlarging it, it looks just fine!

It's such a great design by Susan Fuller! I became familiar with it when Tatskool (Tats a Kool Challenge) would use the pattern to showcase her own HDT, and she tatted it MANY times, in many color combos. I found the pattern on the web (via Georgia Seitz) and gave it a try. I agree it's not one to do when watching TV, but the
result is so delightful.

PS: Happy Birthday!

** jess! ** said...

Happy Birthday!!
I don't think that I've had the opportunity to see anyone's tatting with the Young Hearts (other than my own). I love how your tatting looks with it!
I agree with Diane, I looked for mistakes and didn't see a single one. :o)

God's Kid said...

Totally gorgeous motifs!!! :)

pluto1415 said...

I don't have the pattern memorized, but it looks wonderful to me!