Thursday, October 17, 2013

Slow slow progress

I have three doilies on the go at the moment, and I am dying to get on with some different ones. I have told myself that I must finish something before starting something else, or else it all becomes too complicated, especially as I have a lace lesson on Monday to start a new piece of bobbin lace! Here is Cornelia, not too much left to do, is there? I am thinking that is probably my best bet.
Renulek's Snowflake doily had been sitting quietly at row 4, but Janemac finishing hers persuaded me to pick it up again, and it was her suggestion that this row should be red and yellow. I am really pleased with it, and think I will use yellow for the joining motifs as well. Each snowflake takes about an hour... although I may get faster with practise. Not likely to be all done by Monday though!
And finally this thing! The multi motif mish-mash which is a victorian design from a German book. It seems to be taking forever. The very vigilant may see that some progress has been made since I last showed you what was going on, but believe me, it is fiddly and complicated and needs full concentration, plus being made of tiny elements there is a ton of ends to hide. This will not be finished by Monday unless I did nothing else for the next three days!


Jane McLellan said...

Progress is progress, well done. The red and yellow looks exactly right!!

Marty said...

They're all very attractive. I think you're right about the Cornelia being the best bet for a quick finish. The many-motifs piece looks like more fiddling than anyone could do quickly -- but it's going to be really pretty.

Maureen said...

They're all lovely pieces and worth whatever effort it will take to finish!.
Aim for Christmas - then you can choose new projects for 2014.

Fox said...

Wow - that last one sure is pretty and looks very complicated. But, once again, I love just looking at your tatting! I love what you produce. : )

StringyDogs said...

Fantastic tatting.
I cannot imagine staying with a large project solely for the time it takes to finish. I would be like you, with a variety to keep me interested. They will all get done eventually.

Fox said...

Hi Snowy!
Came back for another look and a bit of inspiration, which I always find here. : )

I am sticking with the Iris pattern I began many times - Milena - because it looks amazing in SULKY thread which I LOVE! I saw it on your blog and ordered a spool. It is the best for me of all the skinnies that I have tried.

I have finished one complete element without error and have put it aside till I finish the Mystery Doily.

Just wanted you to know I have not given it up!

Thanks for posting the pic with the threads you ordered. My wallet has diminished but I have lovely new Sulky!
Fox : )