Thursday, October 10, 2013

Did anyone notice?

In mid-August my computer died, and I was only able to get sporadic access via other people's machines, which meant I couldn't post or even do much commenting. However I am never the most voluble of bloggers or commenters so I don't suppose my absence was noticed at all!
I haven't got my scanner linked up yet, but I can show you the thread I bought from ds9designs.
I have been tatting a bit... and in a day or two I will try to show you what I have made, or rather several WIP which are advancing slowly.

The weather here in Lot is turning colder, and it is expected to rain all day, so I may be able to get a bit more done today. :)


Imoshen said...

I'm glad you're back. I did notice your blogging slowed in my reader. I assumed it was like me, work life interfering with our fun like. ^_^

Fox said...

Yes, I definitely miss you! : ))