Friday, October 11, 2013

Scanner not really obeying my instructions

 I will just show you some not very good scans of some tatted bits. This motif, from a magazine and designed by Edwige Renaudin, is in Yarnplayer's Sugar Maple, size 80.
This is me trying the Sulky Wildflowers, from the parcel I showed yesterday. I like the thread, and I love the colour.
I apologise for the scan...and I made this in Perfect Quilter Pansies, with three mistakes! That is why I haven't bothered about hiding the ends.
And lastly for now, two squares from Patchwork in Occhi, which once again could not be persuaded to match up to each other.
The one on the right reminds me of a very early motif I did in 2006 although now I look again, I see the colours are not so similar!


Jane McLellan said...

Pretty motifs, especially the top one. I wondered if you could do your next row of the Renulek doily with yellow in the middle of the motifs and dark blue outer? I love the way the yellow spices up your work so far.

Marty said...

Ooooo, all those tiny threads make me want to put away all this rope I've been tatting with lately. I like Sulky wildflowers piece and the very bright square, especially.

God's Kid said...

Really great motifs in fabulous colors!!! :)

snowy david said...

Jane, thank you for that idea, I think I will try the motif in red with a yellow centre, and see how it looks. Watch this space, :)
Marty, it was my first experience with Sulky, and it is an inspiring thread. I am grateful to Fox, who is such an experimenter with different threads, who gave me the idea to try it. I have just been and enlarged the photo of your "Fantasy Tree" and that is truly inspiring! I wish I had the imagination to try a project like that. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful autumn colors! Great work!