Saturday, January 11, 2014

Somethings are finished!

 My blackwork project is done, well I still need to finish stuffing and add the buttons, but I am happy with it. I might even make another one.
 This lace butterfly was quick and easy, except I will never try to finish with a cluny again! Another time I will start the two antennae, then join at the head and then work the wings.
The cream and black one was worked by a friend at lace class. She also had difficulty finishing with a cluny!


Msquared said...

Beautiful blackwork Snowy! I still have the shuttles to send to you, did you decide on some thread?

snowy david said...

Oh Mike! I had forgotten, but was pleased to see your photos on Google. :)
For the thread...oh what about some samples of your stash?

Fox said...

Wonderful work, Snowy. ALMOST makes me want to try it!
Fox ; )