Saturday, January 25, 2014

January update.

 I had to make a bobbin roll for all 52 pairs I needed for Monday's lace class.
 Delia is still causing me problems, I had to cut again...I have lost my enthusiasm. I get like this when something takes too long, hence the heaps of WIP hanging around on my desk.
 I am continuing this edging slowly, I have a plan for it.
 I made this while waiting for David, and having nothing in my bag but a lonely half wound shuttle!
 Lace started, a torchon ground, called chemin de Rose.
 Another view.


Fox said...

Gads! All those bobbins....

Oh, I just remembered... Happy Upcoming Birthday. Time flies, indeed! Not enough time left to mail a card, but all good wishes anyway. : )

snowy david said...

Thanks for the birthday needs reminders when they are 54!

Fox said...

... or when one is in the NEXT decade! Good grief!

Still, we all need - especially in the over 30's days - all the best wishes we can garner! Just say'in. : ))