Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tatting along

This is my edging, which grows but slowly, and I did want to have at least two corners done by next Wednesday, as I am teaching tatting in my friends shop, and she sells this thread. I hoped that if my edging looked pretty people might want to buy the thread to try at home... The thread is DMC 80 colour 820, and the pattern is from Tatted Handkerchiefs by Nikolajsen, from Akacia publishing. So here's hoping for a miracle this weekend!

And, this is Jon's Tat-Along pattern, which I do when the edging is making me sleepy! It is so pretty, and I am doing it in Oliver Twists, which is really quite fine thread. My previous doily/motif in the turquoise thread is waiting for it's third row, however my very naughty puppy climbed up and grabbed my tatting bag off the printer while I was out and chewed the turquoise thread, I now have a pile of short lengths but will I be able to find some longer bits for the final round?
Naughty puppy
Chewed up thread.


Michelle said...

First, Love your blog look! Very nice!

Your tat-along is gorgeous! I'm so sorry that your dog ate the thread because that is a lovely doily!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That edging is absolutely beautiful! I enjoy working with Oliver Twists thread also. Puppies do like to go where they're not supposed to be!

snowy david said...

Thanks Michelle, I am struggling with the new options...but I like it to look "modern".
Diane, I am eternally grateful to you for introducing me to the thread. :)
Als anxious puppy has eaten my sandals, bugger!

God's Kid said...

Your edging is fabulous!! :)
And your tat-a-long doily looks wonderful!! :)
And I love the blue doily too!!! Sure hope you are able to finish it!! : )

Fox said...

Love that canine attitude!

What colour is that Oliver twist green? I have never used it and LOVE those colours. I just might be tempted to purchase it. Also, is it like a #80 DMC? Only softer?

I enjoy looking at your tatting, which is always fabulous.
Fox : )

Fox said...

Well, I see I did already comment when this was posted! See, I follow your postings diligently though I sure wish there were lots more. That thread is teeny and the pattern is quite ornate so it is no wonder it goes slowly.

I find this format confusing - tried it for about twenty minutes with tat-ology, but was featrful that I would lose followers as it is such a big leap forward - so to speak!!!

Should I order some of that Oliver Twist? I have a felling it only comes in very expensive bundles. Maybe I shall ask Diane for a sample; I know she has tons of it. Yes, I just might do that as your tatting has re-inspired me, once again,
Fox : )