Sunday, September 16, 2012

My "Go to" pattern

 Sharon asked us what we would choose as our most frequent or favourite pattern that we always return to, and what it is that makes it our choice.

This pattern from the Blomqvist and Persson book Tatting Patterns is the one I would choose. It shows off variegated threads like a dream. This is a machine embroidery thread from Gütermann, very fine. It is a quick pattern, and yet I feel it has a light lacy look that is very satisfying. I often use it to try new threads, as I have lots of old samples to compare them to, like a tension sample in knitting.
 This is Yarnplayer's Tourmaline, size 80.

These were made using Valdani 50
The green is Gütermann Sulky, the navy is Caen lace thrad.
Tatskool's beautiful daffodils, in size 80.


Fox said...

I have been up very late for two nights creeping through your blog- the whole thing! It has been a rather expensive meandering as I made some stops along the way to buy Perfect Quilter thread! I am in the mood for the skinny stuff.

So, I am now trying out you go-to pattern, which I think I tatted when I began this obsessive journey.

Thanks for the entertainment and all the great tips along the way
Hugs xxoo
Fox : )

Frivole said...

I love this pattern and it looks beautiful in all the various colours you have used.