Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Le Couvige

According to my book "La Dentelle du Puy" Lacemakers don't enjoy working alone, hence the tradition of coming together in groups; un couvige (from the Latin cum vicinis: with the neighbours) In the days when the mothers and daughters throughout the area around Le Puy all were involved in lacemaking these were frequent occaisions, but now they are rare but none the less enjoyable for that. The couvige at Blavozy was my first experience of such a gathering, and I had a wonderful time.
Le Puy is an interesting place for anyone to visit. The long drive through the Massif Central was picturesque.

 When I saw a poster in a window it was reassuring.
 This is the cupola of the Vervaine building. and below is the nightime skyline. You need to click on the photos to see them properly.

 This is how it looked when I entered the hall.
 Here you can see people working on their lace, and showing their best pieces.
This man is doing Tambour work, which is so well shown in the beautiful film Brodeuses . Do watch it if you love French countryside and embroidery.
 He is working from the back of the work, this is what it looks like on the right side.
 This is Mick Fouriscot presenting the conference. She has been working to further the continuation of the many kinds of lace making in France since 1974, based in Le Puy. She is also very funny, quite a character. The conference was interesting, but much more about the history of prostitutes than lace. 
 All kinds of bobbins were available.
 I thought this patchwork a very effective way of displaying the lace.

 There was a stall selling antique and vintage sewing materiels.
 Including a book and a couple of bone shuttles, and I was quite tempted....
 There was also this, someone's amazing work in progress, which was really pretty, and a bit sad that it will probably never be finished.
 And also a hanky, probably made by the same person.
 When Saturday was over I went back to the town, looking for food. I hadn't ordered lunch, and there hadn't been any sandwiches left so all I had eaten all day was a croissant and several cups of coffee! I looked at the local speciality macaroons.
 And these cute cakey things!
However, in the end I settled for this salad with smoked salmon, local Bleu d'Auvergne cheese, and hiding underneath all that some Lentilles du Puy, with a baked potato and creme fraiche. Tomorrow I will tell you about meeting with other tatters, and you will get to see Elisadusud actually working on a point d'espirit!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Oh, it looks like such a wonderful event! inspiring!

Fox said...

Fabulous post! Thank you, snowy! I am looking forward to the next one - can't wait to see elisadusud at work!
Fox : )

Marty said...

Wonderful pictures! It looks like quite an experience. Oh -- and I would have eaten the cakes. :)

Elisadusud said...

Bravo pour ce beau reportage du Puy et du couvige. Tu as un oeil d'experte, et j'espère que tu as goûté à ces adorables petits gâteaux. Bises

snowy said...

It was a wonderful experience. I have enjoyed sharing it with you. Et merci encore, Elisa, pour ta gentillesse. A l'année prochaine, j'espere?

eglantine-sequin said...

I see that my antique tattings were appriciate ....see you next year :