Saturday, October 16, 2010

Le Couvige, part 2

So, here is Elisadusud, and she was working on a cluny-split chain combination, to show me how. I have since done a few somewhat misshapen clunies, which I am too ashamed to show anyone, but I now understand a little better how to do them. The split chain, however, is still on the to-do list.

 This is a rather poor photo of Elisadusud's work, which is really impressive, but even if you click on it twice, I am not sure if you will really be able to see it clearly.
 This one might be a little bit better.
 And then my camera battery failed, aaggh! I had to take these photos with my phone, and so they are very poor. This is Pascale Provost, whose patterns I have tried several times. She was teaching, and I was really happy to have her constructive criticism. It is difficult to learn without an expert to tell you where you are going wrong, but I hope you will see an improvement in my work from now on! Even if no-one else does, I will, I know.
I have challenged myself to produce a piece from both designers for examination next year. (Elisa sells patterns of her designs, with explanations, for those who fancy a challenge.)
 This is Pascal's last book, which I already have, but a new one is in progress. It was fun to see both of them discussing techniques and designs together. Here in France meeting with other tatters is fairly difficult, so I was really enjoying myself and definitely plan to go again, I hope next year.
This is Petalite, which is a pattern I tried about a month ago, but this one is properly finished.
Pascale showed me how to get from one split ring to another with beads, which does require one shuttle to be unwound and threaded through, however it is still less fuss with ends that cutting and tying.
I have been busy trying my new skills, but I haven't anything impressive to show, as yet. I also spent rather too much money... I will maybe show my purchases next time.


Gina said...

What a wonderful time you had! It's overwhelming, isn't it, to see so much talent and design? I'm glad you shared your adventure with us!

Karen said...

Thank you for telling us about your fun. And it was nice to be able to see pictures of Elisa and Pascale Provost. I have admired their patterns online and can now put a face with two extremely tallented tatters. Karen in OR USA

❦TattingChic said...

Oh my gosh!! Lucky you! You are learning from the QUEEN of clunies! WOW how was that experience...well, you just told us...(what am I saying?) LOL! I am so glad you got pictures and shared with us! You are so fortunate to have learned from the best! I like you latest work, too! :D

Fox said...

Wow! Thanks for posting all the photos! Wish I had been able to attend as it seems as if it were a very successful event.

Your tatting of Petalite is wonderful. Looks like a fabulous green colour as well.

That wall of Elisadusud's work is breathtaking and inspirational.
Fox : )

Fox said...

Maybe that is just a picture of the pattern you have tried? Not sure - read it twice! : )

snowy said...

Thank you for all the encouragement, I enjoy putting faces to names, as well.
The Petalite in this post was tatted by Pascale, it is true the wording was a little ambiguous. It's like tatting, where you should count before you close, I really must read through more carefully before I press the "publish" button!

tatting-marie said...

Can you please send me Elisadusud's address as I would like to purchase some of her patterns. I was hoping she would put them in a book for sale and have never seen any of her patterns for sale. She does such lovely work.
thank you,

snowy said...

Tatting-marie, I am afraid I don't have an address for elisadusud, however I have some of her patterns, which she does sell, for an euro each. I think perhaps you should comment on her blog. She does read English, although she tends to write in French. If that doesn't help then get back to me, on snowydavid AT and I will see what I can do. :)