Monday, November 05, 2007

Past tatting, a watershed piece.

This was tatted about five years ago, when I had just started tatting again. I learnt to tat in 1974, from a handicraft book, and then it waned as an interest due to the fact I couldn't find patterns. I did find a few old shuttles while browsing through antique markets, but apart from doing the odd little flower, to all intents and purposes I gave up.
Then I discovered the internet! Suddenly there were patterns, suppliers, new techniques...well everything a lost and lonely tatter could wish for.
This bookmark, designed by LaRae, was an important stage in my development as a tatter, as I learned to do both split rings and celtic tatting, plus it was my first experience of working with colour. I was so grateful to her, for sharing this pattern.
I am telling you about the past as I feel the need to keep posting, (no point in being in "the ring" if one doesn't,) but my progress on my pink doiley is rather slow, and I fear several more hours of work before I can show it. So I hope you'll forgive me for "cheating" a little.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your bookmark is beautiful! I have yet to try Celtic tatting. It looks like something I need to try!

snowy said...

I take no credit, it's a really good pattern.
I think Celtic tatting is fun to try, and I recommend Rozella Linden's book, which I bought after the bookmark.
Having said that, I don't actually do it very often...probably because I have had failures with some of the more complex patterns!

Sharon said...

We all owe a lot to the many tatting designers who share their creative abilities with us. Until we discovered tatting on the internet, I think a lot of us felt like we were the only one tatting in our own little corners. By the way, why don't you share the work in progress. we like to see things as they grow as well as the finished pieces. Sometimes showing a WIP can give other people insight as to how a design works up. Some patterns look like crap when you're working on them and only become a thing of beauty as you get to the last couple of rounds.

Tattycat said...

I love this bookmark pattern. I have done it twice! It was my first Celtic tatting. Very pretty.