Thursday, October 11, 2007

Getting to know me....

I thought I'd share a bit of useless information about myself, and if anyone else wants to do the survey, I'll be interested to read their results.
Best Survey
Name:: Snowy
Birthday:: January 23 1960
Birthplace:: Chichester, England
Where you live now:: Frayssinet le Gelat France
Hair color:: Brown fading to grey
Eye color:: Dishwater
Height:: 5'2.
Your biggest pet peeve:: People who assume I'm not working just because I'm at home in the daytime, (shiftwork, nights?)
Your biggest flaw:: Not motivated to actually do housework/cooking
Pepsi or coke:: Coke.
Water or Gatorade:: What on earth is Gatorade? (water sounds safer).
Do you smoke:: No.(10 years working in pneumologie)
Do you drink:: Yes.(2years working in alcoologie)
Do you club:: No
Do you swear:: Sort of (Hells bell and buckets of blood, or Jesus wept).
Do you do drugs:: No.
Do you want to go to the military:: Never.
Do you want to go to college:: I did want to, but I have Open University now.
Do you want to get married:: Never again.
Do you want to have kids:: I did and I had three of them.
Do you know how to dress:: I have a certain style.
Do you think that you are attractive:: I think I have a certain charm
Are you moody:: I have my moments.
Do you like rainy days:: Yes, I love them.
Can you cook a decent meal:: Look, it's not that I can't cook, it's that I won't cook, OK?
Ever been......
Beat up:: No, not really.
Fired:: Wimpy Bar, 1978.
Dumped:: sigh, yes.
Hired:: Yes.
Lied to:: Probably, I'm pretty gullible.
Cheated on:: Not as far as I know...
Shot:: No.
High:: Yes.
Deathly sick:: No.
Depressed:: I know I need help when I start thinking about euthanasia for the whole ward.
Homesick:: When I was at boarding school, yes.
Locked up:: Does boarding school count?
On a real date:: Yes
In the past month have you....
Been shopping:: Supermarket, veg, that's all.
Been on a date:: No.
Been to the movies:: No.
Been to a party:: No.
Written a song:: No.
Been cheated on:: I'm a kit car widow.
Are you a virgin:: Do I have to say?
Gay/Straight/Bi:: Straight.
Single or taken:: Not single.
Your favorite...
Food:: Moussaka with soya mince, brown rice and salad.
Drink:: Red wine.
Car:: Mine.
Place:: Massif Central or the Pyrenees
Color:: lapis lazuli.
Show:: The Mighty Boosh.
Store:: Waterstone's or any big bookshop.
Movie:: Death In Venice.
Artist:: Egon Schille.
Feature on a guy/girl:: sense of humour.
Number of piercings:: I've had my ears done but I get inflamation if I wear anything in them.
Number of tatoos:: I hate tatoos.
glasses/contacts/neither:: Glasses.
Love or money:: Neither.
Quiet or loud:: Quiet.
Country or city:: Country.
Ever been on the toilet and on the phone:: Frequently!
Ever accidently peed in your sleep:: Hm.... I don't think so.
Ever get up in the middle of the night for a snack:: No.
Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed:: Yes.
Do you wish you were a different gender:: Never.
Do you believe in God:: No.
Ever split a nail:: Yes.
Did you like this survey:: Yes. I love these things.Take this survey Find more surveysBzoink - The Original Survey Site

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