Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Showing the threads

These little squares are a variation on the round motif from last time, and a good way to show off the pretty colours. The pink motif is from the Vida Sunderland Snowflakes book. I make that 18 all together... I wonder what to do next?


Tattycat said...

These are so pretty. You have such an imagination! I'm afraid I don't share that talent and insight. Most of the time, somebody has to tell me what to do!
The thread is beautiful and so is your work. I especially like the green and pink square one.

snowy said...

It's very kind of you, but actually I haven't invented any of my patterns, they all come from books! I am ashamed to say I buy far too many books and threads, and drive my family and colleagues mad by constantly fiddling with a bit of tatting.. I love bright colours, (and your poncho wool was a wonderful colour)

Rogue said...

Anyone who is interested in deerhounds can’t be bad - I don’t understand some of the human ways tho - like making things!