Saturday, November 25, 2006

Next three motifs

On Thursday I received some new threads from
ds9 designs
They are beautiful, one is Valdani "precious pansies" the others are from the King Tut quilting thread range. The little yellow motif above is in shekels, and you will be seeing the other colours next time.
The two small motifs are from Blomquist and Person, and the green and pink one is from Rozella Linden's Easy Tatting. I really enjoyed making that.
I also bought some filament loops to try and make hiding the ends easier, but either I tat too tightly or I am not doing it right because I couldn't get the end to pull through.


Tattycat said...

These are really beautiful. Your work is so nice and I love these colors.

Anonymous said...

The multicoloured on right on top looks very delicate. You really know how to pick your thread, I really like the colours