Thursday, July 04, 2013

Valdani, for Fox

These two pictures are to show Fox how pretty Valdani can look when it is used for bobbin lace. This was an easy pattern, and in all took me around five hours. I now need to get it off the pillow, and do it again, as I made quite a few mistakes, but I hate unpicking! It was always intended as a bobbin thread, it is only two ply, (I think...) and although it can be tatted, as you can see if you wander back through my blog (yawn, no don't!) I think it works better on a pillow.


Fox said...

Thanks! I am going to use it and replace it with Anchor in the giveaway! I was trying to tat the border you did in navy and I just cannot in Valdani, but I have picked a simpler one and I am determined to do it!
Fox Grrrrrrr.... : )

Fox said...

Well, I have done several inches and I know I can do it, but it is too sloppy-looking so I am back to your blog, my inspiration for this #100-ish thread... Having a look to see how to get my picots down to size... Whew, it is not easy!

Sure is lovely thread in the bobbin lace.
Fox : ))