Saturday, April 06, 2013

Oh oh...

I have a new scanner and so I apologise for this poor quality scan. I will eventually get the hang of it, by which time it will break and I will be faced with learning yet another set of controls. This rather sad pic shows my somewhat pitiful start at the German peacock. It's not an easy pattern to follow, especially if are trying to do two other things at the same time, one of which is to study Byron's Pilgrimage of Childe Harold, canto III. I didn't follow what she meant us to do for the beak at all!
(The charge of columns paused not,
Nor ceased the storm of shell and shot;
For all that war could do
Of skill and force was proved that day,
And turned not yet the doubtful fray
On bloody Waterloo.)


Maureen said...

Childe Harold to the Tower came.....even after almost 50 years, I still remember it! Your peacock looks very dramatic in black, although at first I thought it was a giraffe!

Fox said...

Gosh! It sure looks like a successful beginning to me! I am too intimidated to try this pattern.
Fox : )

snowy david said...

Maureen, it is in the Grackle colour that I showed in my last post, but the scan is rubbish!
Fox, it is a complicated pattern, and I am still on the easy bit. Don not be surprised if you see no more. ;)

petozi Design said...

Oa lovely pretty peacock!
I wonder wich colors You will choose for the tail :-)
Happy Tatting