Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things are happening

Life is as hectic as ever, here, and I wouldn't wish the nightmare of a 15 year old son on anyone! He has a motorbike now, so not only does he drive me mad when he is at home, but he scares me to death when he's out.
On top of that I have agreed to do some tatting lessons in a friends both English and French. I need to put together some kits, as she doesn't actually sell shuttles, so I have bought some bits and pieces from Roseground,( thank you Pat for the speedy and efficient service. :))
I chose Clover shuttles as they are my favourites, but I have gone with Lizbeth size 20 threads as they are so popular with tatters in general. They look good, I have five different colours, three solids and two variegated. I intend giving two contrasting colours in each kit...and am open to suggestions from anyone who has already taught tatting as to how to begin. I was thinking a chain, first, to get the flip...then picots, and then a ring?

I have also bought a new tatting book, La Frivolité aux Navettes. It has only just been published, so I expect that I am the first to review it?
This is a glossy work with lots of photos, it has a good section on the history of tatting from it's roots in knotting right through to modern advances.

It goes on to work through all the variations, of no flip tatting, right side and wrong side, and all sorts of possibilities. I find it quite hard to follow, despite all the good quality photos, however I think it is a book which will help me to improve my technique. It suggests it is aimed at, I think you would be somewhat at a loss if this were your first book, as a would-be tatter. On the whole I would give four out of five stars.
It has encouraged me to try a different technique, a spiral with Josephine knots, which I tried here.
Not a brilliant photo, but nonetheless it could be a pretty bracelet in thicker thread.
I am working away on the three ring square in Raspberry sorbet, and I promise to show you at least two joined together next post...


Maureen said...

I've been wondering about that book! - I saw it on the Barbara Fay site, so I'm very interested in your review! The fact that it is Volume 1 indicates that there will eventually be Volume 2 - I am tempted to add it to my library.I read, but do not speak, French.

snowy said...

I am not sure how easy it would be to understand without much French...I am struggling, and I am pretty fluent! It is an expensive book, and by the time it reaches Australia (and I know from experience how outrageously expensive books are in Aus) you might be disappointed. If you want to see a page or two close up you could e-mail me (snowydavid at and then I could send you a scan?