Thursday, September 24, 2009

I haven't done much tatting all through the summer, just a few motifs from the Myra Piper book kindly sent by Diane. This is the only one I can find at the moment, and it was made with some thread that was given after David came back from his mother's funeral. She had been a keen lacemaker, and tatter, but I think this wasn't tatting thread, it wasn't six ply.

Then I decided to make Cornelia, from Iris Niebach's book of doilies, in Sherry's lovely silk thread. This colour is Vickie's Lilacs. It has taken me a week to do the first may not be finished as speedily as I would like, so I am showing the work in progress.


Tattycat said...

My condolences to David on his mother's passing. The doily is going to be lovely.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love the peach and black together! I have been spoiled by using 6 ply thread. I just don't care for the feel or look of other threads. Does that make me a tatting thread snob? Hmmm... food for thought.

Cornelia is looking beautiful! Cornelia and Beatrice are my favorite Iris Niebach patterns. The Vickie's Lilacs really shows off the pattern nicely.

I haven't done much tatting for the last month or two. Somehow other major events have gotten in the way. It's good to hear from you again!

TattingChic said...

The square motif is beautiful. It looks pink and black on my screen. That's my fave color combo! So pretty!

Your Cornelia is coming along nicely. The pattern is very pretty and will make for great photos and any stage of your project!

Sorry to hear about the funeral.

Sally Kerson said...

Really think the colours you have chosen are beautiful. Only just found your blog so would like to also comment on the Gecko you made. I've always thought it was complicated to make but you have now inspired me to try and to tat it in black is fab

snowy said...

Thank you Laura, although Ruth, David's mother had been diagnosed with melanoma five years ago, so we were glad for her once it was all over...
Diane, I think of you every time I use the Myra Piper book, it is perfect handbag size, and the little designs are so useful as little decorative motifs. I have given several away to interested spectators!, So again, thank you. :)
TattingChic, I would send it to you, only I haven't got your address! BTW I recommended your blog to a noob on stitching fingers, but I knew you wouldn't mind. You have such a wonderful set of links...(no, I mean amongst other things)
Sally, hello, and yes, do try the gecko, he's a lot of fun. I am planning to try the chinese dragon, but the best colours of thread that I have are rather fine, like finer than DMC 80!
I think for the gecko it would be easiest in 20, or 50.
I enjoyed reading your blog, for church tatting you should visit Le Puy en Velay, if you ever get the chance. It has a super cathedral, and one of the famous "black virgins" as well. (I know, " a holiday? what's that?") me too!

Share with Rojilal said...

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