Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pink Lace

I have decided to give up on my pink lace sample...I needed to undo quite a bit of it because I had a pair in the wrong place, and as I return to work on Monday I knew it wasn't going to happen!
I am quite pleased to have got this far, and I have learnt how to do footside much better, and roseground.
The thread was Valdani 50 colour precious pansies.
Now I have to relearn how to use my right hand, and it is painful, LOL!
My challenge for 2009 is to do Elisadusud's point d'esprit . These video lessons make it look quite simple!


Guzzisue said...

return to work?are you ready for this? hows your wrist? I hope its a lot better and look forward to seeing some more work:-)
hey, for once the word verification is actually a word 'bless'

snowy said...

Do you know I'm not sure how ready I am...but I am going to be in financial difficulties if I don't get back on Monday.
My next appt is 24th Feb, and I don't think the doctor realised my sick note runs out on 18th Jan,so I will get on with it as best I can...luckily I shouldn't have to do heavy lifting, or stuff like that.
How about your arm, have you had a check-up? (And is your sick pay ok, in this financial crisis?)

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your pink lace is very pretty! What a wonderful learning experience! I hope your wrist is healing well.

snowy said...

Thanks Diane! and congratulations on winning the drawing on Gina's blog. (Are you on a winning streak? could you win Sherry's shuttle? fingers crossed ;) )