Monday, June 23, 2008


I was looking at this and I couldn't think how I would use a double shuttle. Can anyone explain how they work?


Tattycat said...

I've never seen one like this, but I know Grizzly Mountain makes beautiful shuttles. My double shuttles are different. One has two bobbins and the other is one of Lady Shuttle Maker's that is stacked up like two bobbins. You can either load it with two colors or fill one bobbin and then the next one without breaking the thread so you will have a continuous thread for a large project. This one doesn't look like it would hold a lot more thread than normal so maybe just because it is pretty?

Marty said...

While no where near so pretty as that one, I do own a double shuttle. It came with an instruction book. I never opened the book. I never used the shuttle. I think it has to do with using two colors at once and being able to carry -- or encapsulate one color while using the other. Maybe. I need to pull out that book. Hmph. That was certainly no help, was it?

snowy said...

Thank you Marty and Laura, but I still keep wondering how you keep the threads apart...
I have occaisionally tatted with two shuttle held together with an elastic band, when adding a new thread, or working a third colour in, but I then need to separate them to carry on.
But isn't it pretty? The price is rising though... :(

Gina said...

Well, I'm not sure how you would use a flat shuttle like this but if you check out Georgia Seitz's past online classes, there was one about using the double shuttle. I have 2 different kinds, one metal and one bone. You're essentially doing padded tatting and I'm not fond of the look but it does allow you to change colors without cutting and tying in a new thread.
:-) Gina

Anonymous said...

Hi Snowy,
That shuttle is a puzzler. Here are two links.
How to use a flat shuttle:

How to use a double bobbin shuttle:


Sheron Goldin has written a book on the use of the double bobbin shuttle which will be available in September.

I will cut a similar shuttle and give it a try myself.
Best wishes Georgia Seitz

snowy said...

Georgia, and Gina, thank you very much for the links. I have read them through, and I think it sounds very interesting, but I am still would need to see a video perhaps to really understand. On Sherry's page there's a video where she seems to be doing a kind of multi coloured non-flipped tatting...but I haven't really got it clear in my head.
I'll look out for the book.