Saturday, February 24, 2007


One really good thing about tatting is it's portability, so that one can fill time with a few stitiches wherever you are. My trip to England involved two days driving in both directions, plus a bit in between. As David did the actual driving I was able to tat most of the time, although only when the light was good enough and I wasn't having to deal with navigation. I decided the best pattern for this was a simple edging which could be picked up and put down without losing my place, so I set off with this one;

I was lucky enough to go to a Ring of Tatters workshop, at Amblecote, where we made a broach. I t was a good learning experience, as I hadn't actually met other tatters before, and I was very impressed by the work and skill they showed. It put me in my place, because scanning work can be very forgiving on how it really looks! I have a long way to go yet...but in my favour I'm comparitively young at 47 and have time on my side.

The man next to me showed me some amazing blackwork and counted thread work, and so I felt quite challenged as you can see, my work is fairly coarse.


Tattycat said...

Hi Snowy. I love this edging. The colors are lovely. You say it is easy, but it looks anything but easy! It is nice to have someone else drive so you can tat.
Beautiful work!

snowy said...

Hello Laura, Thanks for your encouraging comments.
I am lucky, but I promise not to take it for granted!