Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Slow progress

It has taken forever to finish this red motif, it's full of errors and I'm fed up with it!!
The books have at last arrived...3 weeks after I ordered them. Where were they? I reckon I could have cycled here in the time, although I dug my bike out yesterday to exercise Bessie and realised that I am a lot less fit than I would like to be...(note to self, must cycle at least three times a week...)
To celebrate the new books I made an easy snowflake last night, and following a suggestion of Wally's, I think I'll try to tat at least a dozen as cards for friends for les fetes. I won't count them in the 25 motif challenge, as I want to do all different for that, it keeps me motivated. (sorry for unconcious pun...mmm)
All the work done by other tatters, creating original designs, and showing how to do it has been fascinating, and although I am not feeling inspired by anything to make my own design as yet, I am analysing the designs that appeal to me as I look at the amazing abundance, and may yet take the plunge!

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