Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blogging again

I have been offline for several weeks....things have been a bit crappy. I didn't feel like talking to anyone, but as my job requires me to do so, I just avoided the computer as much as possible instead! I did tat though, it is good therapy for shattered nerves, I think.
I completed the jewelled square, with Miranda's thread and Fox's beads.
Pascale Provost's pattern 'P├ętalite'

There was enough thread left on the shuttles to make the oval rose from Sharon's book.

Sharon Brigg's pattern 'Oval Rose'
I then decided, inspired by the pretty beads to make a gecko in the brown and green thread. I wound too much onto my shuttles, and so I made two of them! I am always getting the pattern slightly wrong, so even though I now have three they are all different!
Jane Eborall's pattern, 'Pamela's gecko'
I have at last finished my lace pillow and actually made a little sample of lace on it. This pattern is very simple, and is made in DMC 80.
I love the way cats are always so helpful.
not sure why there's such a big gap under this picture, oh the mysteries of 'Blogger'

This is the edging once it has been removed from the pillow.

I have also been tatting an edging, Mary Konior's 'Maids of honour', which is a good one to do because one shuttle goes a long, long way. I have done all this and have still a nearly full Shuttleshop shuttle, (which means it's not the biggest one I have.) David's daughter is getting married next year, and a tatted handkerchief seems to be called for, so I will probably use this pattern for that, only in white of course.
Mary Konior's pattern 'Maids of Honour', first row.